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Dr. Mayers is nationally recognized as a contact lens specialist. Not only does he perform clinical research for most of the large contact lens companies, but he has also written many articles in professional journals and has presented lectures to various groups. In our Etobicoke practice, we utilize over eighty different types of contact lenses in Toronto including daily and extended wear, bifocals, astigmatism correction, disposable and gas permeable lenses. Patients who have previously failed with contact lenses and hard-to-fit cases are our specialty. We have a huge selection of contacts in stock, so most patients can get their lenses the same day.

Hard to fit patients are referred to us from many practitioners in Toronto & Etobicoke and around the Province. If you have any questions about your eyes or contact lenses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Soft Contacts

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We take pride in the fact that we are professionally educated in the fitting of contact lenses. There are so many factors that come into play with a successful fitting contact lens. Things like your prescription, the shape of your cornea, your tear layer and your eye lids, not to mention the health of your eyes.

This is why we do not recommend one brand over another. We must first see our patients, assess their vision requirements, and examine their eyes, trial-fit contacts, etc., before we can make a suitable recommendation for your eyes. This practice specializes in difficult-to-fit contact lens cases.

Do not be swayed by commodity advertising. Contact lenses are not commodities. They are classified as a medical device by HPB (The Health Protection Branch of the Canadian Government). Proper care, handling and follow-up eye examinations are critical. You only have one set of eyes so be wise with your contacts.

This is why we carry and prescribe most contact lens brands.

We can help you. With regular eye examinations, we can detect conditions and diseases in the early stages which allows for better treatment. Please have your eyes checked regularly.

Rigid Gas Permeable Contacts

rigid gas permeable contacts

Rigid contact lenses, sometimes known as PMMA (hard lenses) are slowly becoming a material of the past.

Gas permeable lenses (also known as semi-soft) are now the materials of choice for certain types of prescriptions. These lenses are replacing the old hard type (PMMA), because they can be designed thin, allow much more oxygen to the cornea and even allow a little flexing, which helps with healthy tear exchange.

Like soft lenses, there are many brands on the market, and they take expertise to fit properly. Boston® is one of the largest gas permeable manufacturers in the world. Listed below is a little information on the material they use.

More oxygen means healthier eyes.

We carry some contact lenses in Toronto that let more oxygen reach eyes than other lenses. That’s because they’re crafted from a patented, oxygen permeable material that allows more oxygen to pass through the lens. That’s important because your eyes need oxygen to breathe freely – the way healthy eyes should.

These lenses are designed for excellent vision.

Each contact lens design is unique. What makes them even more exceptional is that we carry contact lenses in Toronto that are custom fit to the natural shape of your eyes. That’s something you won’t find with soft or disposable lenses, and it can make a world of difference for people with astigmatism. Unlike water-based soft lenses that can dry out, tighten up and lose their shape over time, some lenses are made from a material that retains its shape, providing long-term crystal-clear vision. And because their ultra-smooth, non-stick surface resists dirt and debris, they’re easy to keep clean. These lenses let more oxygen reach your eyes to keep them healthier.

Only your eye doctor can tell what lens is best for your eyes. Feel free to contact us for an appointment.

Hybrid Contacts

This advanced design lens combines a central gas permeable rigid lens to maximize vision with a surrounding soft lens for maximum comfort. This type of lens is excellent to treat irregular corneas, keratoconus and all forms of astigmatism. The excellent centration and stability of the hybrid platform keep the optics centered over the visual axis, regardless of the location of the irregularity to decrease aberrations. Hybrid lenses are also being used as multifocal progressive lenses.

Bifocal Contacts

Have you assumed that because you wear bifocals you can’t wear contact lenses? Bifocal contact lenses, or progressive contact lenses, are available.

New Bifocal Contact Lens Technology from Leading Manufacturers

At Dr. Mayers office, we offer the latest in new bifocal contact lens technology, including the new silicone hydrogel soft bifocal contact lens design that is available in disposable and frequent replacements.

When you visit our office, our experienced vision specialists will thoroughly examine your eyes and determine if your best fit is simultaneous, concentric or an alternating contact lens design.

Progressive Lenses from Progressive Eye Care Specialists

Progressive lenses are similar to bifocal contact lenses, but both distance and near prescriptions are blended into one. The result is not only clear distance and near vision, but intermediate vision as well.

Our eye care professionals in Toronto are very qualified to assist in fitting all types of bifocal contact lenses and progressive contact lenses. We combine true professional eye care service with a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Our professional service will have you recommending us to all your friends.

We fit you with bifocal contact lenses that are most appropriate for your prescription and your lifestyle. Our professional service will have you recommending us to all your friends. Call today to book an appointment or drop in for a brief consultation.

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