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LASIK (laser assisted in situ keratomileusis) uses an excimer laser for improved precision.

The surgeon uses a microkeratome (an automated microsurgical instrument similar in design to a carpenter’s plane) to create a corneal flap. The cool laser beam then gently reshapes the cornea and the flap is closed.

LASIK is an extremely effective eye laser surgery outpatient procedure that is suitable not only for higher prescriptions but also patients with moderate to low prescriptions. It can be used to correct even the most severe 1% of prescriptions and has generated significant excitement in the eye care community around the world.
LASIK dramatically reduces your recovery time versus PRK and decreases the chance of many of the procedural risks. The procedure itself takes only a few minutes to complete and involves minimal discomfort. LASIK requires more technical skill and training than other eye laser surgery procedures. Etobicoke surgeons have performed thousands of LASIK procedures with impressive results.

With both PRK and LASIK, the greater your prescription, the longer your procedure takes. Even the most severe prescriptions require only about one minute of laser time and utilize only a topical anesthetic in the form of eye drops.

Although no procedure is perfect, excimer laser technology allows for an unparalleled degree of precision and predictability. This makes laser vision correction, in our opinion, the best procedure available for suitable candidates.

Each pulse of the laser can remove 39 millionths of an inch of tissue in 12 billionths of a second. This enables surgeons to achieve remarkable accuracy while maintaining excellent control throughout the procedure.

Custom LASIK

While conventional LASIK has been a complete revolution in vision correction, some centres offer custom LASIK laser vision correction technology: Custom LASIK. Custom LASIK is an eye laser surgery procedure that enables your surgeon to further customize the conventional LASIK procedure to your individual eyes. This customized procedure may result in patients seeing clearer and sharper than ever before. FDA studies show that Custom LASIK may produce better vision than is possible with contact lenses or glasses.

In clinical studies, Custom LASIK has been able to provide patients with:

  • A greater chance of having 20/20 vision
  • The potential for better vision than is possible with contacts or glasses
  • Fewer incidences of glare and halos
  • Potentially better overall vision, even at night
  • Better quality vision

Clinical studies have shown that Custom LASIK may improve not only what you see but also how well you see it. In the past, all vision was measured using a standard vision chart. If you could see the letters, the doctor would use that measurement for how well you could see. But now, with Custom LASIK, doctors are able to focus on the quantity as well as the quality of your vision. Many patients who have had Custom LASIK are reporting the ability to see clearer than ever before.

Higher Order Aberrations

Several types of visual imperfections, referred to as lower- and higher-order aberrations, exist within the eye and may affect your vision (the amount of these aberrations vary from person to person). Previously, only lower-order aberrations (such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism) could be measured and treated. Higher-order aberrations may also have a significant impact on vision and have been linked to glare and halos. Now Custom LASIK may help to further customize your treatment of these higher-order aberrations that, in the past, could not be adequately treated with glasses, contacts or conventional LASIK treatments. Your doctor will recommend the best procedure for you based on your personal aberrations.

The Technology of Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK uses a wavefront analyzer to measure the way light travels through your eye. The wavefront analyzer creates a customized 3D map of your eye that looks at your entire optical system. This map provides information about the unique visual characteristics of your eye which adds an additional level of data about your vision, enabling surgeons to further customize your eye laser surgery & vision correction in Etobicoke.

Why Choose LASIK?

The number of people considering refractive eye laser surgery in Etobicoke is at an all-time high, and LASIK is considered by virtually all refractive surgeons worldwide to be the procedure of choice today.

The following are some of the benefits of LASIK:

  • Much quicker initial recovery period
  • Much less or no post-operative discomfort
  • No scaring or haze
  • Final vision is obtained within weeks rather than months
  • Less chance of infection
  • Fewer post-operative visits

Dr. Mayers performs pre-op and post-operatory care for a number of ophthalmologists in Toronto.

Please feel free to ask us about Etobicoke laser surgery. Call us direct at 416-239-1211 or email us. We feel an educated patient is a wise patient. We’d be glad to send you literature on laser correction.

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